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Farm Dinner at Purple Mountain Lavender

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Lakeside, Montana | July 2021

On a sunny afternoon in Lakeside, Montana, our guests arrived at Purple Mountain Lavender for a stunning summer meal overlooking Flathead Lake. Guests were greeted with warm hospitality and the vibrant buzzing of bees working the lavender fields.

We strolled through the lavender bushes and met the resident donkeys and beloved ranch dog, Millie. Signaled by the dinner bell, our guests were then led to the top of the hill, where they would enjoy a farm-centered 4-course menu. The stunning views of the surrounding mountains, enhanced by incredible company, added to the enchantment of the evening.

We first greeted our guests with a glass of rosé from MontaVino Winery. As guests toured the farm, they enjoyed oysters with preserved cucumber and lemon, tartlets with lavender cream, and brioche with ricotta and lavender salt.

The menu featured locally sourced ingredients, carefully selected and prepared by Chef Frank Hanes. We began with a roasted beet salad, followed by a series of main courses, lavender-smoked trout caught in the lake just below, and pork chop with roasted leeks . Each dish was carefully paired with a selection of MontaVino wines, which complemented the flavors perfectly.

The evening concluded with a decadent dessert of honey panna cotta with lavender granita and tarragon-pistchio tuille, providing a sweet end to a memorable night. See more of the delicious details below.

People dining outdoors next to lavender


Our hosts and owners of Purple Mountain Lavender, Greg and Deb, welcomed our guests with a tour of their beautiful lavender fields. The sun was shining and wine was flowing as we were educated on the different types of lavender that is growing on the farm.



Oyster, cucumber, preserved lemon, lavender cloud

Sweet Potato, honey, lavender cream

Ricotta, lavender salt, strawberry jam, brioche


Roasted Beet, chocolate honey, lavender granola, foraged herbs


Lavender-Smoked Trout, tomato, buttermilk


Pork Chop, lavender salt roasted leeks, crispy shallots, onion soubise


Honey Panna Cotta, lavender granita, tarragon-pistachio tuille


. Wines from Montavino Winery were the perfect compliment to our menu. We toasted their 2019 Zinfandel and 2020 Infinite Emotions Pinot Noir.


Purple Mountain Lavender is an oasis of rolling hills with fragrant lavender and unobstructed views of Flathead Lake below. The farm is reminiscent of a secret garden - one that exudes hospitality and seeks to provide a meaningful experience for all those fortunate enough to visit. Deb and Greg grow over 30 different varieties of lavender on their

idyllic 40-acre farm.

Producers + Partners

MontaVino Winery / guest wine producer

Flathead Fish + Seafood / guest fisherman

Shannon Freix / photographer

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